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Product Specification



Flow Rate80 L/ min, 2L ~ 80L/min

SeriesH-80 Series

Packaging TypeBox

Adjustment Method of Oxygen ConcentrationAuto

Flow MonitoringMonitorable, Adjustable

Oxygen Concentration Adjustment Range21% ~ 100%

Temperature Output Range29 - 37 Deg C

Temperature Adjustment Gear9 steps adjustable

Whether the host is disinfection-freeYes

Screen Size3.5 inches

Trend Review Function1 day; 3 days; 7 days

Product Description

H-80 Series High Flow Humidifier, highly integrated design, to meet more needs of clinical treatment

  • provide a maximum of 80L / min air-oxygen mixed gas, oxygen concentration can be set automatically, providing an exclusive patent AutoFlow function, SmartFlow function.

  • Disinfection-free design, Water chamber has a backflow prevention valve to prevent gas backflow, and overall maintenance is more convenient.

Can set target oxygen concentration, temperature and flow

  • Control target oxygen concentration automatically, oxygen delivery in the machine, 21% -100%, accurate to 1%; Wall oxygen source, oxygen cylinder, oxygen generator can support it; The built-in ultrasonic oxygen sensor requires no maintenance.

  • 9-stage humidification temperature: 29   -37  accurate to 1 

  • Advanced dual fan design, two levels of H Flow and L Flow, 2 L / min ~ 80 L / min, can meet patients of most ages.

  • Innovative 7-level humidity compensation function, providing ± 3 adjustable humidity compensation, easily coping with various harsh temperature and humidity environments

Innovative High Flow model AutoFlow TM

  • Automatically set the output flow parameters based on the peak expiratory flow(PEF) of the patient, simplifying the setting steps, satisfying the treatment effect and improving patient comfort 


  • Follow the patient's every breath, switch the flow between breaths, provide a higher flow when inhaling, and a lower flow when exhaling, follow your every breath like a bi-level ventilator, comfortable and more economical oxygen resources. 

Hot standby function designed for convenient use and saving oxygen

  • H-80 Series has a hot standby function, which allows you to continue warm oxygen therapy at any time without turning off the machine for a short time to leave, saving oxygen without having to wait for warm-up time.

More comprehensive monitoring indexes

  • Real-time monitoring of Oxygen Concentration, Flow, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, sleep.

Simple installation and easy setup

  • Integration, disinfection-free design, saving clinical use and maintenance time.

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