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Product Specification


Model Name/NumberShangrila510S

Tidal Volume0-2000 ml

Ventilation ModesA/C-V with Sigh ,A/C-P, SIMV-V ,SIMV-P, SPONT/PSV, CPAP , Manual , Apnea backup, ventilation

Patient Age GroupAdult

Frequency1 to 120 bpm

I:E Ratio4:1 to 1:10

PEEP0 to 30 mbar

O2 Concentration (FiO2)40 to 100 Vol%

Trigger TypePressure trigger, Flow trigger

MonitoringPpeak, PEEP VT, MV ftotal, FiO2

Real Time CurvesPressure-time, Flow-time

Gas Supply O2 Gauge Pressure250-600KPa

Dimensions (W x D x H)168 mm x 156 mm x 300 mm

Weight ( Main unit )Approx. 3.2 kg (7.3 lbs)

Weight ( Main unit & Accessories)Approx. 8 kg (17.6 lbs)

Screen Size5"LCD screen

Battery Operating TimeApprox. 4.5 hours

Work Temperature-18 - 50 degree Celsius

Minimum Order Quantity04

Product Description

Product Details:-

  • An incredibly reliable Emergency Transport Ventilator.

  • Its applicability includes on-site emergency treatment, pre-hospital transport, inter-hospital transport, as well as intra-hospital transport. Whether the patient is an adult, child or infant, the Shangrila 510S serves as a reliable life-supporting

  • mechanism.

Complete Ventilation Modes

  • The device hosts six ventilation modes. Besides the conventional Volume-Controlled ventilation mode, it also has Pressure-Controlled ventilation mode, SIMV and CPAP modes. CPAP is a non-invasive ventilation mode. Thus, it allows for a mask to be used on patients. The machine can provide a precise tidal volume. It also provides inspiration hold and manual breath, one-button operation, and is thus incredibly convenient.

Ideal O2 Delivery

  • With its advanced technology, the range of FiO2 can be set from 40% to 100%. Furthermore, this range can be adjusted continuously. These features distinguish 510S from other emergency ventilators in the market.

Electronically Controlled PEEP

  • It is very convenient and intuitive to set an exact PEEP to that the clinician desires.

Proximal Flow Sensor

  • A proximal flow sensor is used in Shangrila 510S. Besides the pressure trigger, this machine can provide flow trigger. The clinician can choose accordingly. And most others emergency ventilators have only one choice.

Power Supply Solution & Reliability Testing

  • When it comes to emergency transport ventilation, powering life-supporting devices is an incredibly important factor when it comes to patient safety. Fortunately, the 510S is an incredibly well equipped device to meet this concern. The internal battery within the 510S has the capability of lasting up to 5 hours. Also, it can be used with both DC and AC Power.

Multi-functional Emergency Transport Ventilator

  • It helps optimiaze quality of care & patient comfort, improving patient outcomes

  • One device adresses diverse ventilation requirements, fully covering various situations

Integrated Versatile Ventilation Modes

  • Pressure Control & Volume Control

  • Invasive & Non-Invasive ventilation 

  • SPONT/PSV,CPAP modes

Manual Intervention Functions

  • Manual breath

  • Inspiratory hold


  • FiO2 40% to 100% continuously adjustable

  • Wavefrom display: Pressure-time, Flow-time

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